Plastic Blades

Plastic Blades أقل مبلغ للبدء فوركس

here Gregory Knives Australia produces an extensive range of granulator blades, including rotary hog, stationary and rotary. Blades may have elongated holes, slots, threaded holes in face, base and sides. We can even arrange countersunk or stepped slots and holes.

ثنائي تسجيل الدخول الخيار

go Blades can have single bevel, double bevel, bevel with lands or no bevel.

go Every customer will have a slightly different blade that may have been adapted for their specific use over time. Gregory Knives is able to custom make your blades.سعر-الجنية-الذهب-اليوم-فى-مصر

source Pelletisers are also an integral part of plastics processing, hence at Gregory Knives Australia we offer pelletisers with single bevel, parallel double bevel and stepped bevels, as well as a large range of sizes.

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الخيار ثنائي محاكاة Die face blades, flick knives, trimming blades and discs are also available.